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Badges in Online Learning

A recent comment from Debbie mentioned badges. So it seems a good time to initiate a discussion of Badges in online learning, higher education, and the workplace. If you’re not familiar with badges they are essentially the same thing as

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Bates Lecture

Wanted to start this topic and move comments here to keep things organized. ( is it any wonder I’m having a hard time with the perceived lack of organization in the MOOC?) I attended the lecture with Dr. Tony Bates

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MOOC Blogs

Like everyone else in the course, I’m trying to manage the fire hose amount of information coming at us. One way I’m doing this is by bookmarking the blogs from other participants, as I discover them. And of course it

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Uncomfortable With MOOC

I’ve given this a lot of thought, particularly in light of recent comments in the discussion area. Here’s a quick run-down: I said: “I’m an experienced online learner and teacher, but seem to be having difficulty understanding WHAT to do

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Introduce Yourself

As part of the MOOC we were asked to introduce ourselves, using these six questions. Here goes! What is your intention for this workshop (why are you here)? I’ve read a lot about MOOCs, but never participated in one. I felt this

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Excellent Start for the MOOC

Given the mention of MOOC Disasters, I have to say I am particularly impressed with the Get Prepared information for this course. Labeling it a “connectivitst” courses (a term I’ve not heard before), they have included: Types of Activities Principles

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MOOC Disasters

While I have all the confidence that the current MOOC on teaching online will be successful and well planned, I do find the literature on past failures equally interesting. We do learn from our mistakes – don’t we? Read about

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Teach Online MOOC

The University of Hawaii is offering a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Teaching Online. Since I’ve not participated in MOOC before, I thought this the perfect opportunity to experience it. Join me! Get started here:

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