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Like everyone else in the course, I’m trying to manage the fire hose amount of information coming at us. One way I’m doing this is by bookmarking the blogs from other participants, as I discover them.

And of course it occurred to me that every member of the course is doing exactly the same thing! So in the interest of efficiency, I’ve added a list of MOOC blogs to the sidebar – for your convenience as well as mine.

If yours isn’t list there, just give me the URL in your comment below and I’ll get it added next time I’m working here in the site.


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4 comments on “MOOC Blogs
  1. Veronica says:

    Was also wondering if and how to keep track of other people’s blogs, so thx for starting a list, Jeanette – mine is already there :-) Have still to watch the webinar recordings and was interested to read your comments, especially about Coursera. Should have time tomorrow.

  2. Anne Hole says:

    Wow, you have set yourself a big task there!
    With about 250 people on this MOOC I don’t think we can keep track of all the individual blogs, at least I’m not trying to. I either look at the community wall or read the feed of posts I have set up in my normal blog reader. As the course goes on I suspect we’ll each find a few people we engage with more than others and those it will probably be worth bookmarking, especially so that conversations can continue after the course ends.

    • Online Teacher says:

      Anne – what are you using as a blog reader?

      I agree – it was not my intent to catalog all of the blogs. But for people who are engaged in this site (as well as for my own convenience) it’s easier to just click to respond.

      • Anne Hole says:

        Since the demise of Google reader I’ve been using feedly which is pretty good for me as I have two Android devices and use the web version at work.

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